Welcome to Informed-U’s Standing Together Blog!

We are pleased to introduce our Standing Together blog, which we hope will be a source of valuable content for those interested in learning more about preventing sexual violence and misconduct on college campuses.

The title of our blog--and of our education program--evokes community. One of the foundational beliefs of our organization is that the vast majority of college students are committed to stopping sexual violence. However, because prevention is a topic that is not often discussed in an open setting, many feel isolated in this commitment, and therefore lack not only practical strategies related to prevention, but also a sense of support and connection. We attempt to address this problem through our small-group, discussion-based learning sessions, which give college students an opportunity to interact face-to-face to examine important issues and collaborate with each other on how to best make a positive impact. For students who go through these learning sessions, as participants or facilitators, this blog will serve as an extension of the experience, offering insights and action-oriented ideas, while keeping them connected with peer voices. For readers who have not experienced a session, the posts will provide useful prevention resources, with unique access to student perspectives.

Also core to Informed-U is the idea that prevention efforts on campus are most effective when led by students. In keeping with that spirit, we plan to feature students as subjects and/or contributors of our posts as frequently as possible.

Of course, we would love to know what our readers would like to see published as well. If you have any suggestions, or if you would like to contribute yourself, please email us at info@informed-u.

Thank you for reading and standing together with us!


Zach and Erin