Our Approach

Our approach to sexual violence prevention is different from that of other programs. It is student-led, calling on students to actively engage with each other. Sexual violence on campus is a systemic problem rooted in social norms and it requires social solutions. Passively viewing video content, listening to experts, or watching performances does not adequately equip students to address this real-world issue. Ultimately, students are the ones who have the power to bring about change on their campus, and our methodology is built around this reality.

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Informed-U provides the framework for learning but puts the actual learning experience in the hands of students. We train a cohort of student facilitators on campus to deliver discussion-based learning sessions to small groups of 6 to 8 students. Our learning tools give structure to the discussions and activities that compose the 1.5 to 2 hour learning sessions. While the facilitator manages the process and logistics of the session, the participants themselves take the lead in running it. Working through a variety of important topics, they

  • share their experiences and beliefs
  • internalize key concepts
  • challenge each other’s opinions
  • collaborate around strategies
  • participate in group activities
  • and create action plans for change.

Students leave their sessions with a better perspective and deeper understanding of sexual violence on their campus, and also with strategies they have worked through with their peers for how they can make a difference. The social, interactive, and personalized nature of the experience makes it one that is memorable and that leads to real behavior change.

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Any curriculum will be ineffective if it consists of a lecturer yammering in front of a blackboard, or a textbook that students highlight with a yellow marker. People understand concepts only when they are forced to think them through, to discuss them with others, and to use them to solve problems.
— Steven Pinker, Enlightenment Now