Our student-led program gives institutions flexibility in choosing how to use it. Whether the goal is to bring the program to the entire student bodyfreshmen, students in residence halls, specific student groups, or attendees of Sexual Assault Awareness Month events, we make it happen. 

With an implementation plan in place, we train a cohort of student facilitators. The size of the cohort is determined by the number of students to be reached and by how often facilitators can deliver sessions. A moderate-sized cohort with good availability allows for great reach even at large institutions.

Serving as a facilitator is a great way for students to develop leadership and communication skills, build their résumés, and make a real impact. There are many groups that are natural fits for the role, including

  • RAs

  • peer educators

  • orientation group leaders

  • leadership/service scholarship cohorts

  • student organization leaders, and

  • academic groups (Honors students, living learning communities, social work majors, etc.)

Informed-U provides facilitators with a three hour, in-person training that prepares them to begin delivering sessions immediately. Facilitators also receive a blueprint for coordinating events and recruiting participants. Once trained, students are certified to facilitate sessions until they graduate. In addition to the initial training, we offer ongoing support and resources.

Contact us to put together an implementation plan for your campus.