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Invest in your institution by building a network of student facilitators to deliver dynamic learning sessions about addressing sexual violence and misconduct. Once you have your facilitator network up and running, your entire campus will be talking about consent, bystander intervention, and improving social norms. As individuals begin making more positive contributions to their community, you will see the effects on a large scale. And once students see how committed their peers are, the momentum will only grow. 

Informed-U offers training and ongoing support for facilitators, access to our learning tools, as well as help and resources around implementation of the program. 


Informed-U will There are a variety of ways to bring Informed-U to your campus. In addition to the standard options below, we can work with you to find other solution to meet your needs. 

Full-Scale Implementation: Under this model, your entire student body gets access to the Standing Together Against Sexual Violence and Misconduct program during each year of your license period. Our base package includes training (and follow-up training) for up to 50 facilitators. Additionally, we will help you figure out the implementation plan that works best for you, including things such as which office or unit will oversee the program, which audiences will receive the program, and who will serve as student facilitators. Once this has been decided we will provide promotional materials to recruit participants and support you in creating surveys and collecting data to help you assess the program. Our competitive pricing is based on enrollment and geography. 

Single-Day Events: If you're looking to host an event during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, or if you want to target a specific student-group or team, a single-day event is the option for you. Under this model, you can reach as many as 400 student participants in one day. 

Trials: Perhaps you're looking for programming for your peer educators or sexual assault prevention group to use. We can introduce them to the program by running a small introductory trial at cost. Currently trials are available for institutions in OH, MI, IN, and IL.  

 Student Facilitators at BGSU

Student Facilitators at BGSU

There are likely already natural audiences at your school as well as natural facilitator groups to run the program through. Here are some common examples:

Audiences: Freshmen Orientation, First Year Experience Course, Residence Life, Student Groups (Greek, Athletics, etc.)

Facilitator Groups: Orientation Leaders, RAs/RDs, Peer Educators, Sexual Assault Prevention Group Members, Social Work Majors, Leadership Scholarship Cohorts




An Informed-U Facilitator Training includes the following elements to support student facilitators:


  • The in-person training

    • A three hour training session for up to 24 students

    • The training covers the informed-U methodology, the content of the Standing Together Against Sexual Violence and Misconduct program, and facilitation best practices

    • It prepares students to begin facilitating Informed-U learning sessions immediately

    • No prior content expertise is required


  • Webinar training: Access to webinars broadcasted throughout the school year covering topics such as

    • Developing leadership skills

    • Managing group dynamics

    • Event planning

    • Promoting sessions and recruiting participants

    • Staying current with the campus issues related to sexual violence and misconduct


  • Additional resources

    • Video resources to supplement in-person training

    • Web resources for facilitators

      • Blog

      • Forum

      • FAQs

      • Implementation/best practices checklists

      • Facilitator assessments

    • Promotional material templates

    • Implementation plan template

    • Ongoing consultation with Informed-U on implementation

    • Access to electronic surveys for collecting data from participants


  • Price of training (before materials)

    • One training: 24 Facilitators, $3,000

    • Two trainings (1 day): 48 Facilitators, $5500

    • Three trainings (1.5 days): 72 Facilitators, $7500

    • Four trainings (2 days): 96 Facilitators, $9000

    • All additional trainings are $1000 more if done on consecutive days.

    • Travel costs for institutions outside of OH, MI, IN, IL


Potential Facilitators:


  • Peer Educators

  • RAs

  • Orientation Group Leaders

  • Student Group Leaders

  • Student Volunteers


Once facilitators have been trained, they are certified to facilitate Informed-U learning sessions throughout the rest of tenure as undergraduates at your institution.


Informed-U Learning Materials:


The learning materials set the framework for the student-led discussions. During Informed-U learning sessions, facilitators use the the learning materials to guide 2 hour discussions with groups of 6-8 participants.


<<Photo of learning materials>>


  • Price

    • For purchase (to use multiple times throughout the year and for years to come)

      • Each set cost $250

    • For loan (to use one time for large events)

      • Usage fee of $50/set plus shipping (Up to 50 sets available for rental)


Implementation Scenarios:


Incoming Students in First Semester


  • You’re a smaller school and want to reach 1,250 incoming students during the first semester

    • You train 24 facilitators in one training session

    • Each facilitator leads an average of 7 sessions throughout the semester (about 1 every two weeks)

    • You purchase 12 sets of materials for the 24 facilitators to share

    • Total cost for first year: $6000 or $4.80 per incoming student


  • You’re a larger school and want to reach 5,000 incoming students during the first semester

    • You train 48 facilitators (saving money on our discounted training structure)

    • Each facilitator leads an average of 13 sessions* throughout the first semester (about 1 a week)

    • You purchase 24 sets of materials for the 48 facilitators to share

    • Total cost for first year: $11,500 or $2.30 per incoming student


* The more frequently facilitators are able to lead sessions, the lower the cost. A smaller, more focused group of facilitators is recommended over a broader group that leads fewer sessions.


Event During Sexual Assault Awareness Month


  • You want to reach over 500 students during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    • You train 24 facilitators in one training session

    • Each facilitator leads 3 sessions

    • All the facilitators lead sessions simultaneously in a large ballroom with around 165 participants total

    • You rent 24 sets of materials

    • Total cost: $4,200 or $8.40 per student


You Bring the Program Back Next Year!


  • You implemented with 5,000 incoming students last year

    • You still have a network of 30 of the 48 facilitators you trained last year

    • You hold another training session

    • You purchase 4 more kits

    • Total cost for second year: $4,000 or $0.80 per student

  • You held an event during sexual assault awareness month last year

    • You still have a network of 16 out of your 24 facilitators from last year on campus

    • You purchase 10 kits for them to share

    • They schedule events and lead sessions about once a month throughout the year

    • You reach another 1000 students the following year

    • Total cost: $2500 or $2.50 per student


Your Athletic Department Wants to Introduce the Program to Student Athletes


  • You want to reach all the student athletes at your institution

    • You lead one training for captains/leaders of your athletic teams

    • You purchase 5 kits

    • Throughout the year you schedule mix gendered sessions with members of teams with same off-seasons during the year

    • You reach all 500 student athletes

    • Total cost: $4250 or $8.50 per student