About Us

We founded Informed-U because we recognize there are serious problems that afflict our college campuses and because we believe the overwhelming majority of college students have the desireenergy, and resolve to do something about it.

This is why our mission at Informed-U is to provide transformative educational programming that empowers students to build healthier, safer, and more productive campus communities. 

We're based out of Toledo, Ohio and we've been privileged to work with some incredible institutions since 2017. We look forward to expanding our reach and fulfilling our mission at campuses across the nation for years to come. 

Our Leadership Team


Erin Peterson


Harvard University

Masters of Education

Erin’s experience includes serving as an administrator in the Chicago Public School system, creating training initiatives for fortune 100 companies, developing health management programs for healthcare providers and patients, and leading an array of community focused projects including anti-sex trafficking and childhood nutrition campaigns. Contact Erin at epeterson@informed-u.net.


Zacharias Barden


University of Chicago

M.B.A. Booth School of Business

Zach’s experience includes building education programs and leading trainings all over the world for leading healthcare companies. He has witnessed firsthand the astonishing results that follow when people are engaged, empowered, and supported around complex health and life issues. Contact Zach at zbarden@informed-u.net.