About Us

We founded Informed-U because we recognize there are serious problems that afflict our college campuses and because we believe the overwhelming majority of college students have the desireenergy, and resolve to do something about it.

This is why our mission at Informed-U is to provide transformative educational programming that empowers students to build healthier, safer, and more productive campus communities. 

We're a new organization based out of Toledo, Ohio and we've been privileged to work with some incredible institutions in the Midwest in 2017-2018. We look forward to expanding our reach and fulfilling our mission at campuses across the nation for years to come. 

Our Leadership Team

Becca Gorman

CEO/ Co-Founder

Becca feels honored to lead a team dedicated to helping students realize their fullest potential. Throughout her career, Becca has demonstrated a passion for empowering people to achieve their personal and professional goals. As a community leader in the non-profit arena for over a decade, she has led several initiatives and organizations and serving as a board member of many others. While serving as president of the Junior League of Toledo, her primary focus was developing women’s leadership skills. In addition to her non-profit work, she has held positions in human resources, concentrating on management education, recruitment, and leadership development. Becca earned her bachelor’s in Organizational Communication at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. 


Zach Barden

President/ Co-Founder

Zach leads program development and operations at Informed-U. He holds an MBA with honors distinction from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. His previous work experience includes a tenure at Healthy Interactions where he developed education programs for people with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Building programs and leading trainings all over the world, he witnessed firsthand the astonishing results that follow when people are engaged, empowered, and supported around complex health and life issues. Seeing this same success translate to the campus environment is what inspires Zach’s work at Informed-U.


Pete Gorman

Principle Investor/ Chief Adviser

A successful entrepreneur in the education/engagement space over the last 20 years, Pete brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise to Informed-U. Pete began his entrepreneurial career when he co-founded Applied Learning, Inc., a company that specializes in developing programs and tools to help employees better understand the business realities that have an impact on their organizations. With that business still thriving, he co-founded Healthy Interactions, with the mission of improving the lives of people with chronic health conditions. This company has since grown to reach 30 million patients worldwide, and has been verified by over 50 independent publications to improve health outcomes. Pete and his wife Becca have two children soon heading off to college.