Helping campuses address sexual violence through a student-centered approach that builds community and improves culture

If you're looking for programming on sexual violence prevention that will make a real impact on your campus, Informed-U has the solution. Imagine the best features from the different types of prevention programs—speaker events, workshops, and e-learning modules—rolled into one. The result would be an educational experience that was engagingaction-oriented, and scalable. Now imagine that this experience was led by students, empowering them to improve their campus community as only they can. You would have something that looked exactly like Informed-U’s Standing Together Against Sexual Violence and Misconduct program. 

Students consistently say that our interactive program is more engaging than any other they've gone through. Our methodology ensures that the content is always tailored to the specific realities they face, and it challenges them to identify how they can positively influence campus norms, regardless of their background. Furthermore, our implementation model allows our program to scale to an entire student body, even at large institutions, without burdening administration. 

Check out our approach to learn more about how Informed-U can help you make a lasting difference at your institution.