Sexual Violence Prevention Education

Informed-U™ helps campuses address sexual violence through a student-centered approach that builds community and improves culture

If you're looking for sexual violence prevention education that will make a real impact, Informed-U has the solution. Imagine the best features from the different types of prevention programs—speaker events, workshops, and e-learning modules—rolled into one. The result would be an experience that was engagingaction-oriented, and scalable. Now imagine the experience was led by students, empowering them to improve their campus community as only they can. You would have Informed-U’s Standing Together Against Sexual Violence and Misconduct program. 

Students say our interactive sessions are more engaging than any prevention training they’ve done. Our methodology ensures the content is always relevant to the specific realities they face, regardless of their background. Furthermore, our implementation model allows our program to scale to an entire student body. 

I’ve given and received quite a few sexual assault trainings, and this was by far the best. The program was designed to get participants to form their own ideas and speak up, and it worked!
— Amy, student at BGSU

Our Approach

Our approach is unique. It is student-led, calling on students to actively engage with each other. Sexual violence on campus is a systemic problem rooted in social norms and it requires social solutions. Passively viewing video content, listening to experts, or watching performances does not adequately equip students to address this real-world issue. Ultimately, students are the ones who have the power to bring about change on campus, and our approach is built around this reality.

We train cohorts of student facilitators to deliver our discussion-based, small-group learning sessions to their peers. The content includes topics outlined by the Clery Act requirements, focusing on Consent, Bystander Intervention, and Improving Social Norms. While the facilitator manages the process and logistics of the 1.5 to 2 hour sessions, participants take the lead in running it as they

  • share their experiences and beliefs

  • challenge each other’s opinions

  • collaborate around strategies

  • take part in group activities

  • and create action plans for change.

The social, interactive, and personalized nature of the experience makes it one students won't forget. They leave sessions with a broader perspective and deeper understanding of sexual violence and misconduct, and also with strategies for how they can make a difference. The result is a stronger community and greater commitment to prevention.

Any curriculum will be ineffective if it consists of a lecturer yammering in front of a blackboard, or a textbook that students highlight with a yellow marker. People understand concepts only when they are forced to think them through, to discuss them with others, and to use them to solve problems.
— Steven Pinker. Enlightenment Now


Whether the goal is to reach the entire student bodyfreshmen, students in residence halls, specific student groups, or attendees of Sexual Assault Awareness Month events, Informed-U can support your prevention efforts.

We provide in-person facilitator training and equip facilitators with our Learning Tools and Support Resources.

Serving as a facilitator is a great way for students to develop leadership and communication skills, build their resumes, and make a real impact. There are many groups that are natural fits for the role, including

  • RAs

  • peer educators

  • orientation group leaders

  • leadership/service scholarship cohorts

  • student organization leaders

  • academic groups (Honors students, living learning communities, social work majors, etc.)

The program has helped shift the attitude around supplemental Title IX training from one of obligation to one of engagement. I love that it allows peers to have important conversations in a healthy and supportive environment. It has created awareness and concern on the part of students to look out for one another and take their role seriously.
— Rachel, Title IX Coordinator at Moody Bible Institute


We founded Informed-U because we recognize there are serious problems that afflict our college campuses and because we believe the overwhelming majority of college students have the desireenergy, and resolve to do something about it.

This is why our mission at Informed-U is to provide educational programming that empowers students to build healthier, safer, and more productive campus communities. 

We're based out of Toledo, Ohio and have been privileged to work with some incredible institutions since 2017. We look forward to expanding our reach and fulfilling our mission at campuses across the nation for years to come. 

Our Leadership Team


Erin Peterson


Harvard University

Masters of Education

Erin’s experience includes serving as an administrator in the Chicago Public School system, creating training initiatives for fortune 100 companies, developing health management programs for healthcare providers and patients, and leading an array of community focused projects including anti-sex trafficking and childhood nutrition campaigns. Contact Erin at


Zacharias Barden


University of Chicago

M.B.A. Booth School of Business

Zach’s experience includes building education programs and leading trainings all over the world for leading healthcare companies. He has witnessed firsthand the astonishing results that follow when people are engaged, empowered, and supported around complex health and life issues. Contact Zach at



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